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Your home for dance education for ages 3 & up

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Currently accepting students for our 2015 Summer Program

Customer Testimonials

"We love the summer program!  My daughter has really enjoyed 'playing a part' in the summer shows.  She has always loved the awesome costumes, music and dancing.  I like doing a small summer program that still allows us to have a summer, but also continues to grow her love of dance . . . in the off season."  :)   ---P. Anderson

"My girls are so happy when they're dancing & it's a great way to get in some extra exercise!"   ---M. Martin

"My daughter likes performing a well-known story through dance.  She enjoys bringing the characters to life!  We like having dance classes during the summer as a way to stay fit and active, and spend time with friends.  The summer show is a great opportunity to learn how a full dance production comes together, and perform with dancers of all ages and abilities."   ---L. Ilmberger

"Wonderful place! Super happy Momma with super happy girls! The staff and instructors go above and beyond!"   ---Betzi Marie Alfieri

"This place is wonderful. The staff is so encouraging and helpful to all the girls and boys. Both my daughters have taken classes there. Our youngest daughter would live there if she could;) She has learned so much and we are very grateful for Discovery Dance!:)"  ---Pam Anderson

"Great place for my girls to study dance! The teachers are GREAT! Thank you for all you do for your students:)"  ---Kim Sanchez

"Thank you to discovery dance of Fennville I rate it 5 stars my daughter is learning a lot she loves dancing more and more each day!"  ---Veronica Canchola

"Discovery Dance is a wonderfully positive environment! My children <3 to dance there and are constantly encouraged by teachers, staff and other students. It truly - is the center for the performing arts in the Fennville area! Thank you Discovery Dance!"  ---Ginger Schneider

"I have thoroughly enjoyed coming to see two of my grandchildren perform in the spring shows..not only that but I have come to recognize many of the other dancers. We have been so happy to witnesses their growth also in form and ability! To have the opportunity to access such a professional and dedicated program in a small community is a gift. I just can't find the right words to express how important this physically demanding but emotionally rewarding experience is for the growing leaders of our communities. Many thanks to Ms Claudette and her talented team!"  ---Vicky Arlt